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Tres Leches Wedding Cake

This one was a doozy. I had a request for a tres leches wedding cake. My first thought? That’s not possible. You can’t stack a sponge cake that’s soaked in milk! Right? Right? Wrong. Turns out you can. If you’re careful. And of course, you can’t soak it nearly as much as you would normally. I mean this is a wedding cake we’re talking about, let’s be real.


With each layer, I scored it (aka cut off the top of a layer of cake until it’s even) like normal and then poured as much of the milk mixture I could without comprising the structure of the cake. And then I frosted it each layer and refrigerated it over night so it was stable. I then proceeded like normal in assembling and decorating the cake.


It all seemed sturdy, but I was still very nervous. I have this ridiculous fear, every time I drop off a wedding cake that some time later I’m going to get a phone call to let me know that the cake has imploded into itself. Which does not happen. Obviously. Cakes don’t just implode. I know this is a ridiculous fear, but some how I’m sure that after I get the cake all set up and it looks great and then I will turn around and it will all fall to pieces. It’s absurd, I’m aware. And yet, it still haunts me. But really, if it were every going to happen, it would be this cake! A sponge cake soaked in milk? Sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. So basically all night I was glued to my phone, sure that I was going to get that terrifying phone call to tell me that the cake has imploded and my nightmare has become a reality. But the call never came! Phew! I can’t tell you what a relief it was that this all worked. I can assure you, I was really very nervous. We’re talking sweating bullets nervous.


When all was said and done, the hardest part of this cake was actually carrying it. It was insanely heavy—crazy heavy. Wedding cakes are already much heavier than they look, or maybe they just feel so heavy because you have to support the entire weight of them with your arms. You can’t lean it against yourself for obvious reasons. Luckily I had my sister with me to open doors, I’m usually alone when I deliver cakes. I had to carry this baby up three flights of stairs. Oh man. My arms were screaming. I’m pretty sure I was in the back of someone’s engagement photos…  if that was you, I’m very sorry. But I couldn’t stop! If I did my arms would have fallen off. I’m sure of it. Remind me to marry a big muscular man who can carry my wedding cakes for me, okay?