Past Work

Sweet and Fancy

Here are some of my favorite (non wedding) cakes or greatest hits as it were:


These naked cakes from last year’s Midsummer Mingle were some of my all times favorites!




Color cake from The House That Lars Built baby shower! Get the tutorial and recipe on The House That Lars Built.


All sorts licorice cake from The House That Lars Built.


Jewel heart shaped cake for The House That Lars Built Galentine’s Party! If you couldn’t tell, I do a lot of work with The House That Lars Built and they are the greatest most creative people. You should definitely follow them.


Heart shaped chocolate berry cakes for Valentine’s Day


Olaf cake from Frozen! I was a serious Frozen fanatic when it first came out. But what kid wasn’t? It’s just that I was 22 when it came out…


A small and simple buttercream wedding cake. My favorite kind! This wedding was so adorable, the bride was an art teacher so everything was handmade and crafty and gorgeous.


A birthday cake for Bath and Body Works 25th Birthday last year! Photography by the incredible Trisha Zemp. She makes the most amazing stop motion videos, you should really check her out.



Alright that’s all for now! More to come.