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Four Weddings and a Fallen Cake.

I started writing this post ages ago and never finished. But I guess, better late than never? So here it goes.

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Last June, I had four weddings in six days. Which was a new record for me! It was a little hectic, as I had just gotten home from being back east for two weeks. I basically just lived in my kitchen all week, which really isn’t so bad. Each cake turned out well too! I feel that sometimes I can make the exact same cake with the same recipe, pans, decorating tools, and all, and still have it look slightly different somehow. But I was very pleased with each of these cakes. The last two were only one day apart and I was running out of cake platters that were big enough for wedding cakes. (Usually, when I use one of my own cake platters for a wedding, it takes me a week or two to get it back.) So I borrowed a cake platter I’d used a few times from a friend. The light blue platter picture in the last cake below was the one I borrowed. It’s from the Anthropology wedding line: BHLDN! Isn’t it pretty?

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Well the next week, I texted the bride to ask if I could pick up the platter as I usually do. But she informed me that the cake table had been knocked over and the platter was broken! The whole table went down cake and all. This is the stuff of my nightmares. Well really, though, in my nightmares I’m the one who knocks or drops the cake, but I wasn’t even there for this one. Apparently, a kid at the reception knocked a door that was behind the cake table, which knocked the table, the platter, the cake, and much like London bridge, it all went tumbling down. The bride was so kind and positive about it, thank heavens for her positive attitude and ability to laugh at her ruined wedding cake. Really she had the best reaction possible for the situation. Which was great.

I once saw this video where a girl dropped a wedding cake, and in an attempt to make it a positive situation, she sat on the floor and started eating it with a friend while they laughed. Which may sound nice, but in my head, I was screaming, “But now you have to call that bride and tell her you ruined their cake!” It was hard for me to watch.

wedding cake 5

Anyway, back to the story. I don’t know who that kid is, or if they even know what they did, but it worked out. The bride laughed it off, and I was able to find the same platter online to replace it. Of course, it had to be the one platter that week that wasn’t mine… but oh well! Really it was bound to happen at some wedding someday.

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