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Star Wars BB-8 Cake

My nephews are obsessed with the new Star Wars movie, along with pretty much everyone else. My oldest nephew turned eight recently, and of course, had a Star Wars themed birthday party. As much as they love Star Wars, they might love BB-8 even more. He’s definitely their favorite. He is kind of adorable for being a droid.

caleb cake

All this BB-8 love resulted in this BB-8 cake and BB-8 colored cupcakes. It’s all funfetti flavored, not that you can really tell… but trust me it was a big hit with the kids. Nothing makes you feel like a million bucks like a bunch of kids thinking you’re the bee knees. Although they definitely didn’t think I was that cool because after they ate their cake they continued to pelt me with their homemade pool noodle light sabers. I had one for a while to defend myself until it was stolen by a child from the dark side. I could tell he was from the dark side because his noodle saber was red. Although he did steal my green one, so maybe he was trying to convert? Anyway, the take away from this—BB-8 cakes and cupcakes are great. And don’t go to a kids Star Wars themed party without proper means to defend yourself.